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Shenzhen Xikai Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. We have been providing the accessories to the manufacturers of machinery and electronics. And we have set up good cooperation with IBM, SANYO, FOXCONN, FJUI XEROX, RITECH, and FLEXTRONICS. We’re ready to cooperate with more and more partners in the industry.
Main products:
  1、 加工制造:
  2、 工业辅材: solder pastesoldering tin
  3、 EPSON 6轴千亿国际、机械手:
  4、 Solutionix三维扫描仪:
  5、 千亿国际注册产品:
  6、 千亿国际 qy115.vip产品:
  7、 测量检测工具:
  8、 仪器仪表产品:
  9、 检测仪器设备:
  10、 生产工具设备:
  11、 电批、风批产品:
  12、 实验室仪器设备:

Ideas of the manufacturer: quick, accurate and good ratio of performance and price
Trading department: Offer the production equipment of world-class quality and auxiliary material for the electronic manufacturing of machinery .
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